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AKM Milestone

1993 AKM Industrial Ltd established in HK

1994 Guangzhou plant “AKM Electronics Industrial (Pan Yu) Ltd” set up.

1996 ISO 9002 certified, FPC mass production for Kodak camera started.

1997 Qualified for West Digital HDD business and started FPC mass production.

1998  impedance control FPC with silver ink shielding for notebook in mass production.

1999 SMT assembly on FPC introduced and ran in volume production.

2000 Computerized manufacturing system -ERP system implremented.

2001 R&D centre established, multil-layer FPC with “Air Gap” feature introducted and start volume proudction in folderbale mobile phone application.

2002 “High & New Tech Company of Guangzhou Award” received.

2004 AKM industrial Ltd listed in Hong Kong

2005 AKM Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Ltd, manufacturing FPC, was set up.

2005,Shenzhen Smart Electronics Company Ltd, providing the SMT assembly service, was set up

2005 HDI, fin pitch FPC & Rigid Flex board was introduced. ISO14001 certified.

2006 Received “Excellent National Brand Enterprise” award in first CPCA. “Guangdong Flexible Circuit Engineering Technology Research Centre” established.

2007 First single- sided roll-to-roll producted line in mass production.

2009 New AKM Guangzhou plant Phase 1m , with 32,000 sq, meters and 80,000 sq meters capacity, facitlity renovation completed and started production,

2011, New AKM Suzhou plant, with 10,000 sq. Meters and 20,000 sq meters capacity. facitlity renovation completed and started production,

2011 Received “Excellent National Brand Enterprise”  award in second CPCA. SMT operation of Shenzhen Smart Electronics Co. Ltd, moved to AKM Guangzhou plant.


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